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Pork ribs are the holy grail. Mastering them marks the difference between the tyro, pyro, and pit-master. When looking for a rib restaurant, Beach Pit BBQ has amazing slow smoked St. Louis Style Ribs. Read more for a history of BBQ ribs and a fun recipe to try at home and make your own bbq […]

How to Order BBQ Catering

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Not sure if it’s brisket or pulled pork that everyone likes? Ordering BBQ may seem straightforward, but there are a lot of menu options.  Gary Decker, Direct Sales and Catering at Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa, a family owned and operated BBQ restaurant with decades of catering experience, shares how to order BBQ catering. […]

Everything you Want to Know About Wood, Smoke, And Combustion

Smoke is the essence of barbecue. It is what differentiates barbecue from other types of cooking. Originally all barbecue and grilling was done with logs of dried hardwood as the sole fuel source. Heat cooked the meat, and smoke from the wood and from dripping juices imparted a distinctive seductive scent that is the essence […]

Beach Pit BBQ | Best Ribs in Orange County

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Best BBQ In Orange County More than just great BBQ we now have new Southern dinner options to choose from! We still offer all the same great slow smoked chicken, ribs, pork & Harris Ranch all natural California beef, but we have some great new menu items. Enjoy our 1-2 pound bacon cheeseburger on a […]

Best BBQ Ribs in Orange County

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BEST BBQ RIBS IN ORANGE COUNTY, CA Looking for the Best BBQ Ribs in Costa Mesa, CA? Beach Pit BBQ has slow cooked, smoked, mouth watering St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs that are delicious and tender smothered in our Original BBQ Sauce and falling off the bone! [ Click for our BBQ Menu Here ] Many people say […]

TMBBQ FEST Highlights 2016

TMBBQ FEST OCTOBER 30, 2016 Check out photos from the event below! Photo credits included below. View, download, and share photos from this event here! Texas Monthly’s annual TMBBQ Fest returned for its seventh year! BBQ fans sampled smoked goodness from 27 BBQ joints off the magazine’s list of “The 50 Best BBQ Joints in the World!” […]

Beach Pit BBQ Feeds Extreme Home Make Over

Beach Pit BBQ Feeds the crew to Extreme Makeover Home Edition During a home remodel project in 2004…. Costa Mesa, CA – The design team renovate the McCrory family’s home. The family are expecting triplets and require a more spacious baby-friendly home. “I can’t thank Beach Pit BBQ enough for being a part of SC Homes […]