Beach Pit BBQ


Orange County BBQLooking for the Best BBQ Ribs in Costa Mesa, CA? Beach Pit BBQ has slow cooked, smoked, mouth watering St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs that are delicious and tender smothered in our Original BBQ Sauce and falling off the bone!

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Many people say that Newport Rib Company has the best ribs in Orange County, but I will challenge you to try our ribs. Newport Rib Company has good ribs, but our Ribs at Beach Pit BBQ are slow smoked for 4 hours and that’s REAL BBQ. Real BBQ is smoked, not grilled.

Now, each plate of ribs is served with your choice of two sides and our fresh homemade corn bread. Beach Pit BBQ has some of the best BBQ in Orange County, we also have a great selection of ice cold craft beers and a fine selections of wines by the glass. So, you are in the mood for for slow-smoked barbecue Ribs and you a re in the Costa Mesa area, then stop on by Beach Pit BBQ for some delicious food and a cold brew.

Our Barbecue Ribs occupy part of our delicious American Comfort Food Menu. We also offer Catering to events large or small. Beach Pit BBQ also has several other BBQ Dishes. We’re a small, relaxing and unassuming place to eat , right off the end of the 55 freeway. We offer attentive service and great food. Come closer and you’ll find it’s a great local hangout.

A chilled draft beer awaits and inside we have a dining area suitable for any occasion. There are TVs throughout and our restaurant opens to the outside with plenty of patio seating. Sit on our dog friendly Patio and take in the game with locals. So why Beach Pit BBQ Ribs in Huntington Beach? Simple. Our Ribs fall off the bone.

Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa. Join us for BBQ Ribs in 7 days a week.

Pairing BBQ Ribs With Beer

At Beach Pit BBQ, we recommend pairing your Barbecue Ribs with a Longboard Brew, Stella or one of our many amazing Craft Beers on tap.

Ale and Lagers pair exceptionally well with any type of Barbecue or Pork. Beach Pit BBQ offers a wide selection of Craft Beer on draft that really complement and refreshes the palette. Don’t take our word for it, get here and try it for yourself!

Slow Smoked Ribs and BBQ.

Kissed by smoke, hugged by sauce, licked by fire

Today we do it the same way our ancestors did. Our noses lead us to meat roasted by live fire and we eat without forks or linen. Just pig on a stick, grease and goop on our faces. The meat is ethereal, kissed by smoke, hugged by sauce, and licked by fire. “Don’t play with your food” doesn’t apply when you’re eating barbecue. If you don’t get it on your shirt you’re not doing it right. This is primal, elemental, sensual eating. Pure carnal joy. Just like our ancestors.

So it’s not so much about cooking as it is about the happiness derived from creativity, by self-expression, and the selfless act of feeding others. But just because our ancestors learned to cook outdoors doesn’t mean that it comes as second nature to us all. That’s the reason for this website, to pass along the ancient art as it has always been taught, generation to generation. To pass the flame from an old timer like me to a young’n like you.

Not just ribs

Pork ribs are the holy grail of BBQ around the world and mastering them gives you the tools to master almost all outdoor cooking. But, unlike Newport Rib Company, Beach Pit BBQ uses real smoke and slow cooking. One you taste our ribs and BBQ you’ll learn meat science, the thermodynamics of cooking, etc.

Even the side dishes. You can even find the definitive answer to the ancient questions, low and slow with real smoke is real BBQ. This website is for food lovers as well as all the trash-talkers who aspire to make the best barbecue on the block, and then brag about it. It’s not hard. Come on in, the backyard gate is open, get fired up, roll up your sleeves, strap on a bib (or better still, an apron), and dig in to some Amazing Ribs and much much more!

If you want to try this yourself… checkout some tips from our friends at AmazingRibs for some backyard recipes.